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The Full Story


Our story is a simple one, a Scottish born, British Libyan obsessed with the idea that home cooked food can be delicious but effortless with the right tools. In this case its all about the spices, that's where we come in, we hand make your spice blends, store them in a resealable pouch that is heat sealed on site and shipped out to you.

Our story began with our 10 Spice Mix called Hararat, this beautifully fragrant spice mix is simply not available readily on the market and we wanted it to be an easily accessible spice, from that came our Libyan spice range, which has now expanded to our stunning healthy range including our top selling Avocado Topping and our BBQ range.

The idea really began back in April 2017, it went from an idea to reality 

when the company was registered in July 2017. With more than 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing, it was a bit of a leap to start a business but this working mum of four little monsters was far too determined and passionate about our signature spice, the Libyan Spice Hararat and so took the leap.

Fast forward to today and I love where the company has taken itself, we are now proud to offer a beautiful range of spice storage solutions, pantry organisation, spice jars ranging from bamboo jars to wooden lidded jars, spice labels, spice racks. 

We offer our customers the ability to gift, unique, handmade spice blends, with a growing range of letterbox spice gifts, Father's Day gift boxes, Eid gifts and so much more.

Our vision for the future is to continue to offer a wide range of unique spice blends, expanding our range and growing our range of gift packages.

We hope you love what we have achieved so far and we thank you all for your continued support of our small business.


Our Mission is to be a reliable small business that brings your meals alive, our dream is to give you the confidence that great cooking is something everyone can do ! 


Is to continue to inspire healthy home cooked meals with innovative and exciting spices.

We love the idea of families bonding and spending time together at the end of a busy day and there's nothing better than a quick, delicious meal to bring everyone together !

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