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This kit contains a months worth of flavour bomb !


How our kit works, it contains 5 pouches, specially crafted to add a flavour bomb to your healthy lunch meals.


The kit includes:

45g Avocado Topper

45g Sandwich Topper

45g Hummus Topper

45g Balsamic Dressing

45g Everything but the bun !


These blends are handmade, unique flavours created by the gp spices kitchen.


Simply sprinkle over your eggs, avocado, salads, hummus, mezze or add olive oil to our balsamic dressing and shake into your salad.


All the products are best sellers and this special deal has been put together to make it easy to keep your favourite blends fully stocked!


All our blends are free of any artificial additives and are freshly made for you


Allergins Contains: Sesame Seeds & Mustard

For a list o ingredients - please see each spice blend 

Healthy Spice Bundle

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