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Sumac 45g 

Sumac powder is made from grinding the berries of the Sumac bush, native to the Middle East.

Sumac is an essential ingredient for Arabic cooking, and is preferred to lemon for sourness and astringency Sumac has a delicious tangy, sour, slightly salty flavour.

This is the no Salt version.

The powdered Sumac is used liberally sprinkled over rice in the Middle East.

When used to flavour meats or fish, the sour flavour of sumac mellows slightly on cooking and is a great flavour enhancer

Sprinkle sumac over salads, particularly in place of lemon juice or vinegar.
Use sumac as a dry seasoning for vegetable or meat kebabs on a barbeque.
This is a very versatile spice blend-try some today.
Without added Salt.

Sumac - 45g

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