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Avocado Toast !!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The easiest lunch ever, just got even tastier, with our gorgeous Avocado Topping spice mix !!

Now if I love anything its knowing that I am feeding myself, my kids, my family something super healthy, delicious, making sure they get to indulge in the gorgeous flavours this earth has blessed us with. What I love even more is when that meal can feel indulgent but its actually a two minute knock up, throw it together, go to Lunch that I can put on repeat, guilt free.

I am blessed with children who love Avocado so this relatively new fruit that has blessed our lives is a staple in our home.

Just add our gorgeous topper and take your to the next level !

We have carefully put together this mix of pink berries, black sesame seeds, tomato flakes and so much more to create the ultimate in flavours that will take your quick lunch and add a whole new level of excitment.

Give it a try and tag us in your lunch photo !

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