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This milky rice pudding just reminds me of Ramadan, I remember my mum letting me stand on a step and stir this lovely dessert, it would be my trigger that the end of the fasting day was close. I remember putting dibs on my favourite bowl, announcing to my siblings that it was mine and placing it on a specific shelf in the fridge ready for dessert later that evening.

This super simple recipe wont take you very long and needs very few basic ingredients, so lets go;

This recipe will make 6 bowls of Mahalbeya

Check the video at the bottom for the method

Ingredients list:

6 Tbsp ground rice

2 Pints of whole milk

6 Tbsp sugar

1tsp blossom water


Rose petals / cinnamon powder / pistachio / ground almonds


Add 1.5 pints of milk into a saucepan on a medium heat leaning in the remaining half a pint mix in the ground rice and mix well

To the warm milk add in the sugar and mix well

Once the milk is warmer pour in the ground rice/ milk and mix well

Keep mixing the Mahalabeya until it thickens

Add in the blossom water

Once it thickens pour into six bowl and allow to cool

Once cool, garnish as you like

Store in the fridge if you prefer to eat it cold.

Enjoy :) I hope this makes for lovely memories for you too

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