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Libyan Harissa Recipe - Home Made

Hot Sauce Recipe

Keeping this one nice and simple, this is a home made Libyan condiment used in most sandwiches and adds a lovely heat and flavour to all food... definitely worth a try if you are a chilli sauce of any kind fan


Fresh Chillies - heat that you can handle

Fresh Garlic (4 cloves)


Ground coriander seed

Ground caraway seed

Olive oil


The most time consuming part

  1. wash, de seed as much as you can and pat dry your fresh chillies.

  2. add your fresh garlic and blend both the chillies and the garlic in a blender until mushy

  3. Pop into a small pan and simmer gently until most of the water runs dry

  4. Simultaneously in a separate pot slowly heat the olive oil

  5. Add the hot olive oil to the chillies pot and add all your spices and seasoning to taste

Store in an airtight container and enjoy with any tuna, egg baguette sandwich

Enjoy !

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