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In keeping with the Libyan soup theme, we wanted to add this herbalicious soup to the mix !

Best served with home made croutons this soup is a firm favourite in our household and its definitely a Libyan dish that deserves to be tried.

To help you follow the recipe check out the recipe video at the bottom of the page

Iff you have gedeyd (jerky) available to you, lucky you please do use this instead of the lamb in the recipe below, it certainly adds a burst of flavour and compliments the herbs beautifully.

Another note, I personally love this soup to be spicy, once again adapt this soup to work for your taste, mild, medium or HOT it all works, so just make it work for you !

Ingredients List:

1/2 bunch coriander

3/4 cloves fresh garlic

1/2 large brown onion

Lamb on the bone or Gideyd (beef/lamb jerky)

Tomato Passata

Tomato Puree

7 Heaped tablespoons plain flour ( or ground porridge)

1 TBSP dried basil

1 TBSP dried mint

1/4 tsp chilli powder (optional)

2 TBSP Sunflower oil


Step one:

Add the coriander, garlic, mint, basil and blitz

Step two:

In a pot add in the finely chopped onion and lamb pieces ( or jerky) and sauté in the sunflower oil & the herb and garlic mix and mix well & add salt and chilli powder to taste

Add the tomato passata and puree, give it a good mix and add hot water (1 pint) and allow to cook for 45 minutes on a low heat.

Step 3

In a large measuring cup add 1 pint of cold water and 7 heaped TBSP of flour, mix thoroughly and finish by blitzing to ensure no lumps are left if the floury water. (Blends until no lumps)

Step 4

Bring the main pot to the boil, once its reached the boil add 1.5 pints of boiling water and add the floury water in and stir thoroughly for around ten minutes allowing the soup to cook.

Turn off the heat and enjoy, best served with home made crunchy pitta croutons.

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