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Musakhan Inspired Chicken !

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

This delicious Palestinian dish is a real treat, the perfect tear and share, fun, delicious family food ! Its really no wonder why its a signature Palestinian meal ! The best part is we have found a way to make it super simple to enjoy the taste of this Middle Eastern flavour bomb !

What you will need :

500 grams to 1 kg Chicken cut into cubes (depending on how many people will be eating)

6 large sliced onions

2 large Tablespoons of GP Spices Lebanese Shawarma Spice Mix for the chicken

2 Large Tablespoons of GP Spices Lebanese Shawarma Spice Mix for the onions

Sumac Spice (Available from GP Spices)

1 Large Flat bread (we used Naan)

2 Handfuls of Cashew Nuts

A sprinkle of dried parsley (Available from GP Spices)

So you should end up with ingredients that look a little like this.

Now rub a generous amount of your GP Spices Lebanese Shawarma Mix into your chicken & onions but keep them separate.

Leave to Marinade for as long as you can, a couple of hours should be fine and any more would be a bonus.

Now cook both separately on a medium heat, preferably in olive oil. Allow your onions to caramelize and your chicken to brown nicely.

Now its time to assemble, Place your Naan bread in the Pan that your cooked your chicken in to allow it to soak up some of the olive oil and flavours in the pan.

Place the Naan on a serving platter, add all the chicken on top, add the caramelized onions, spreading nice and evenly over the Naan. Heat up your cashews in the same pan as your onions and allow to heat through then top your Naan with these cooked Cashew nuts. Now sprinkle a generous amount of Sumac Spice and parsley and enjoy !

The best part about this dish, is the family friendly fight for the last few pieces

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